Stefanie Reinhard is a Director of photography based in Berlin. Born in an bavarian village at the foot of the alps. Stefanie Reinhard moved after graduating school to munich to study communication design and ethnology. Her passion to photography, led her to work in films in the camera and light department. In 2011 she started to study Cinematography in Lodz Poland. 2016 she finished successfully with an Master of Arts. Stefanie traveled to Asia Easttimor to work on films for Unesco and held an photography exhibition. Stefanie worked in several feature film and commerical productions as Director of photography for ZDF and ARTE and clients such as Fifa. She visually designed a spec for Swarovski, which won several prices. Her films traveled to festivals all around the world and got highly awarded. The short Film „How to reach god through proper exercising“, made in collaboration with Gabriel Herrera Torres, was included into Cineuropa ́s best short films of 2017 and sense of cinema critics, as well as MUBI ́s Oberhausen retrospective. She recently traveled with Goethe Institute to participate in an artist residency to realize a film project in Mexico.


'To create and design a cinematic world is an electrifying and a beautiful process which captivates me each time. I work side by side with a director in order to design a unique visual voice for each story. I portray characters, sceneries with my own sensitivity and vision.`


80.000 Schnitzel

Zurich Film Festival, Switzerland

Critics Choice Award

DOK Leipzig, Germany

ver.di -Preis für Solidarität, Menschlichkeit, und Fairness



How to reach god through proper exercising
Black Canvas International Film
Special Jury Mention in the International Competition
Best Short Film in the International Competition
Best Script in the International Competition

How to reach god through proper exercising
Geneva International Film Festival, Switzerland
Special Jury Mention International Short film:

“Special mention is given to "How to reach god through proper exercising" for its aesthetic radicalness and its outstanding stageplay. Through an experience of the absurd, the movie successfully disrupts our perception of reality and raises the broader issue of our own condition.”

How to reach god through proper exercising 

Oberhausen International Film Festival 

Selected for Retrospective on the Highlights of the for the curated platform Mubi.com

Swarowski - The Mask
Bruessel International Filmfestival Official Selection

Swarowski - The Mask
Seattle International Fashion Film Festival 

Winner for Best Narrative

Club Europa
Filmvestival Max Ophüls Preis 

Award for the social relevant Film

Club Europa

Achtung Berlin

Exberliner Filmaward